Electrification of Existing Vehicles

MAPNA Group has begun the electrification of existing passenger automobiles, and has designed and constructed an electric car prototype on one of the Iranian platforms for this purpose. Since electrification of existing cars is cost-effective, the Group is prepared to develop completely electric and hybrid vehicles on existing platforms.

MAPNA Group's major aim right now is to convert existing models in the Iranian market, rather than manufacture electric cars. To put it another way, MAPNA's goal is not to function as an automaker that manufactures the body and other parts, but to accelerate the process of infrastructure development, localization of the electrical and electronics sector of power, and systematization of electric vehicles.

In keeping with this plan, MAPNA Group has successfully electrified two popular models in the Iranian market: the Peugeot 405 and the Kia Cerato. The Kawei electric pickup truck is also a gasoline vehicle that MAPNA specialists have recently turned into an electric vehicle.

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