Charging Stations

Developing electric vehicles entails provision of the necessary infrastructure. While EVs can be powered up at home, industry analysts and academics believe that a fast-charging infrastructure is essential to get beyond their current limited adoption.

In this regard, MAPNA Group opened Iran’s first electric vehicle charging station at Tehran's iconic Milad Tower in May 2019.

Built over 700 square meters, the station in the northwest of the capital includes a 43-kilovolt alternating current (AC) charger plus a fast charger working under the CHAdeMO Protocol, a trade name of a quick charging method for electric vehicles which suits Japanese and Korean EVs such as KIA, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

The station also includes a 4.7-kv slow charger as well as a 5.5-kv charger, which can be used by electric motorcycles.

Moreover, MAPNA Group has signed a contract with the Municipality of Mashhad for the electrification of the northeastern city's transportation system. Accordingly, MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO) is tasked with electrification of one diesel bus unit, conducting feasibility studies for electrification of the city's BRT (bus rapid transit) system, and construction of three electric vehicle charging stations, one of which has been launched. The Group has signed an agreement with Oghab Afshan Manufacturing Co for development of electric buses for the electrification of the urban transportation fleet of Semnan and other Iranian megacities.

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