Project Specifications

MAPNA Group has established MAPNA Qeshm Water and Electricity Generation Company to develop water and power cogeneration in southern Hormozgan Province. The first investment MAPNA made in the business is the Qeshm Power and Water Cogeneration project, comprising two units each of 25 MW (total 50 MW under ISO condition) and 18,000 cubic meters of water per day. Both 25 MW units are worked out and water desalination unit, erected 750 meters off the coast, was inaugurated in 2014.

The main equipment used in this project, such as gas turbines, generators, recovery boilers, desalination plants, etc., are all MAPNA products, made by the Group’s affiliated factories.

The EPC scheme, financed by MAPNA Group under a BOO contract, has been assigned to a consortium of MAPNA and MAPNA Special Projects Construction and Development Company (MD-3). MAPNA Qeshm Water and Electricity Generation Company is the client of the project.