Project Specifications


The scope of work for northern part of Tehran metro line 3 power supply system consists of, designing, engineering, equipment procurement, transportation, installation and commissioning, preparation of engineering documents and drawings, training of Employer’s staff for proper operation, procurement of spare parts and guarantee services.

It is included; one complete high voltage 63/20kV GIS substation, extension of existing 63/20kV GIS HVS named Qeytarieh, 10 RS substations, 22 LPS substations, 1 RIC substation, automation system of substations, third rail system and 63 kV cabling for connecting the regional electricity feeder to the northern substation of the project and supplying of the back-up power of the said substation.

Employer: Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Company (TUSRC)

Consultant: Tehran Behro Consulting Engineers (TBCE)

17 km long- double track tunnel Length
11 Number of stations    
80 km/h Max. Speed    
40 km/h Average operational speed    
120 seconds as planned in design Headway
45000 passengers Capacity per direction per hour    
3rd rail system- 750VDC Power supply system    
phase 1: 5 stations (app. 7.4km)

Phase 2: 6 stations (app. 9.6 km)


  • Power supply: The design of this system has been performed. All power supply system equipment such as transformers, MV and LV panels, chargers, batteries, rectifiers and DC switchgears, and all required cables (includes: LV & control, 63kV, 20kV) have been procured accordingly and they have been delivered to the Employer.
  • Third rail: The third rail equipment have been designed, procured, installed and commissioned.
  • Substation automation system: The automation system required for the control of power supply system and the relevant software package, have been designed and supplied.
  • Execution: According to civil work progress and delivering to MAPNA group, installation and commissioning of first priority includes S3, V3, Y3 and contact rail system of northern part of Tehran metro line 3 have been finished.
  • Operation: Northern part of Tehran metro Line 3 was formally opened at 2015-09-22 with attendance of President.

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