Project Specifications

Tehran-Karaj (Line 5) runs over 43 kilometers with 11 active stations. The Line’s power is supplied by a 25 kV AC overhead catenary system (OCS). MAPNA is engaged in the preparation of documents and maps of the construction of the overhead system, design and construction of the Mehrshar parking depot’s OCS, procurement of materials and equipment for the reconstruction and repair of 50 km of the Line 5 OCS, and shunt lines and passing lines of the station. The Group is also assigned with the supply of equipment, and the design and construction of high-voltage OCS in order to electrify the Lines 14, 15 and 16 of Mehrshahr’s bus station.

The renovation project of Tehran Metro Line 5, as the oldest metro line in the country, includes supply and installation of contact and messenger wires, fittings and related equipment, localization of fittings and optimization of some parts, as well as collection and documentation of technical datasheet. This project is MAPNA Railway Construction and Development Company’s (MRC) first experience in rehabilitation of active railway equipment.