Project Specifications

MAP24 freight locomotive, MAPNA Group's latest rail product, came into operation in May 2018.
MAP24 has been designed and manufactured by MAPNA Group experts. The locomotive's main components, including the control system, bogie, brake system, chassis, and carbody have been manufactured by MAPNA Group factories.
Freight Vehicle (locomotive) type
129 tons Nominal weight
21.5 tons Axle load
105 km/h Maximum speed
3000 HP Tractive effort
16-645E3B Diesel Engine type
AR10 Main generator
CA5 /D14 Companion alternator
74DC, 18Kw Auxiliary generator
600A Dynamic brake
D78B (900A) Traction motor
64V, 440Ah Main battery
12V, 150Ah Auxiliary battery
Three-axle fabricated bogie
(gear ratio 62:15)
1016 mm Wheel diameter
Electro-pneumatic (Faiveley) Braking system
WLNA9AP 6000L/min Air compressor
MRT 975-123 Air dryer
(manufactured by MAPNA Locomotive Engineering & Manufacturing Company)
Air condition
In 2016, a contract for production and sale of 25 MAP24 locomotives was signed between MAPNA Railway Operation Development & Maintenance Company as the clientو and MAPNA Locomotive Engineering & Manufacturing Company. The first unit of the 25-strong batch was delivered to MAPNA Railway Operation Development & Maintenance Company and started trial operation in March 2018 at Tehran depot. Eight units of MAP24 locomotive have been delivered to the client and are in operation.