Project Specifications

Pareh Sar combined cycle power plant, a BOT scheme and 968 MW (ISO conditions), includes two blocks (each comprising two gas units of 162 MW and a steam unit of 160 MW capacity. It is located 5km from Rezvanshahr in Pareh Sar County in Guilan province.
As the first case of private sector participation in power sector, the power plant was won during an international tender in 2000. In 2007, all shares of international shareholders were transferred to MAPNA, which created a new company, MAPNA Pareh Sar Power Plant Company with the following percentage of shares:
MAPNA Company  69 per cent
MAPNA International FZE            30 per cent
MAPNA Assaluyeh Power Plant Company      1 per cent
The company is responsible for design, engineering, financing, procurement of equipment, installation of the facilities, operation, testing, maintenance and repair, running, and electricity transfer of the combined cycle power plant with nominal capacity of 968 MW.
The power plant is cooled through a once-through cooling system using easily accessed sea water. The gas units are connected into the national gas pipeline, with steam units are in the terminal phase of the construction. All equipment and facilities are designed and manufactured by MAPNA Group.
Pareh Sar is the first Iranian power plant where gas and combined cycle units were constructed in parallel. Efficiency of the combined cycle power plants holds higher compared to national average, and it is the only power plant utilizing the once-through cooling system. The power plant also follows Clean Development Mechanism.