Project Specifications

Asaluyeh Power Plant includes 3 gas units each with a generation capacity of 157 MWs, Tuga V94.2 type (under license from Siemens) and 2 gas units of MAP2+ Tuga type each with a 166 MW and a single 170 MW of MAP2A Tuga type, and the relevant 400 kV substation and is located 25 km off South Pars Special Economic Zone and in the vicinity of Bostanu village in the Southern Iranian province of Bushehr. The generation capacity of last three units have been improved through total overhaul and operating new products of the MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing (Tuga).
Assaluyeh BOO scheme power plant has been constructed on the basis of an ECA agreement. In implementing Assaluyeh power plant project, investment companies initiated a project company under the title of MAPNA Assaluyeh Power Plant Company, registered in August 11 2005. Company initially had a mission to sign energy conversion agreements, and accordingly, relevant necessary agreements to finance, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), operation and maintenance, and ultimately energy delivery to end users in the grid. MAPNA Assaluyeh Power Plant Company had gone public in Over-the-counter (OTC) or off-exchange trading market in 2012, with shares publically sold as the first MAPNA Holding Group Private Power Company in February 26 2013.