Project Specifications

Mapna Company has signed a contract with Petro Pars Company to handle engineering, procurement, construction, erection and running of unit 106 of phase 19.Project Specifications and details:
The thin gas flowing from each ethane recovery direction is mixed in unit 105 in two stages. First and second directions are merged in a sub-header and directions 3 and 4 are merged in the second sub-header. The gas thus produced from all four directions is processes in a joint compression unit that comprises eight 25MW centrifugal turbo compressors. Each compression section includes a suction drum, one compressor and gas turbine and a cooling unit. The gas outlet pipe will be approximately three kilometers long. Gas is primarily pumped into the joint header and then into the compressor at a pressure level of 33 bar and leaves it at a pressure level of 93.5 bar. It is then cooled in the cooler to reach 58 degrees C and then transferred to the outlet pipes through the metering system.
Turbo compressors of phase 19 refinery are locally manufactured by Mapna Group.