Project Specifications

The innovative information and communication technologies have gained a momentum in the healthcare sector in the recent years. Medical imaging is one of the important areas of ​​the healthcare system, which can be developed and upgraded by such technologies. A centralized system will provide cloud services in medical imaging, centralized reporting services for medical images, distributed access to images for radiologists without geographical restrictions, distributed access to physicians, the production of big data from medical images, and the use of artificial intelligence in smart medical image classification.

TAT – Tabassom Cloud Imaging System – is a centralized system that allows you to send, receive, store, and use medical photographs. All imaging equipment in medical centers such as hospitals and specialized clinics that are connected to this system can collect images from various modalities such as MRI and CT scan machines in a centralized network and deliver a variety of services to users based on the pre-set factors.

TAT's general topology is depicted in the diagram below. The network's defined protocols will manage access and communication between equipment and users. The data center/centers are in charge of data collection and storage. As a result, images from various modalities at imaging and treatment centers are transported to the data center/centers, allowing users to access information according to specific protocols.