Project Specifications

MAPNA Group opened its first electric bus pantograph charging station in March 2021. The station offers pantographs with 150-, 300-, 450- and 600-kW capacities. The 600-kW pantograph can fill up e-powered buses with a maximum current of 900 amps and a maximum output of 920 volts.

The technology for e-bus pantograph charging stations is monopolized by five leading companies around the world, and MAPNA’s subsidiary, MECO, has now joined them with the debut of the new station.

One of the key advantages of this charging method over other fast-charging systems is the installation of the pantograph on charging towers instead of bus roofs, which reduces the overall weight and cost of the electric bus; moreover, MAPNA e-busses can locate the charging station via WIFI.

Equipping MECO’s laboratory with advanced dynamometers, HIL systems and other devices, MAPNA Electric Propulsion Laboratory will become one of the largest and most advanced specialized laboratories in this field in the country and will provide the necessary ground for the localization and development of all kinds of light and heavy EV propulsion systems in Iran.