The Mapna Group’s power equipment provision unit has started the reconstruction of this turbine’s blades following the signing of a contract between MavadKaran Company and the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC). This turbine is used in the oil and gas industry as a turbo compressor. In the past, the reverse engineering of this type of turbine as a Mapna product once used to be on the group’s agenda. The production of the fixed and moving blades of the CT section of this 12 MW turbine, according to OEM specifications, has been put on the company’s agenda. The production of the moving blades of this turbine demands DS/SX casting – which is manufactured by Parto Company. However, the manufacturing of the fixed blades and the hot nozzle of this turbine – in addition to the production of combustion chamber components, shrouds segments, and thermal power parts as well as the reconstruction of different pieces – are conducted by MavadKaran Company.

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