(1 * MGT 30 + 1 x 2 pressure HRSG + 1 * Condensing ST)

The 25 MW combined cycle power plant with a gas turbine is a dual pressure combined cycle power plant using the following equipment:

  • dual pressure recovery boiler;
  • an ACC cooling system;
  • a gas turbine with an MGT30 generator; and,
  • adual pressure condensing steam turbine with a generator.

The energy of the turbine’s exhaust gas is absorbed by a dual pressure recovery boiler to produce the steam required by the condensing steam turbine.

Advantages of the project:

  • Compatibility with all geographical conditions
  • Using theheatof the turbine’s outputgas
  • Using the benefits of distributed generation projects
  • A significant increase inefficiencycompared withsimplecycle power plants

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