MAPNA Group’s HSE policies in different fields of activity are approved and announced to the staff by the Group’s managing director. In formulation of MAPNA Group’s HSE policies, the following items have been taken into consideration:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of HSE Management System;
  • Consistency with other policies of the Group;
  • Commitment to observation of legal requirements and principles as stipulated by the organizational charter;
  • Supervising activities, products and services offered by the Group as well as their impact on HSE-related issues
  • Commitment to reduction or minimization of risks and potentially harmful factors including sanitary issues, safety and environmental issues, and other issues caused by organizational activities, products or services.
The objectives implicit in these policies serve as a framework for the determination and revision of minor HSE objectives. HSE policies include commitment to the following items:
  • Establishing executive procedures, creating a culture of respect for HSE management, and creating a workplace with minimal environmental threats, accidents, and illnesses;
  • Providing and maintaining safe facilities and equipment in a safe environment;
  • Integrity in stating the problems and promoting active involvement in HSE issues;
  • Developing training courses to enhance employee skills for their own protection and security, preparing the conditions for holding training courses, and raising the awareness of employees according to general HSE requirements;
  • Conducting a series of organized and coherent promotional activities for enhancing HSE knowledge
Proper attention to environmental issues and the minimization of sanitary, safety and environmental risks to the lowest possible degree require the following items:
  • Waste management and efficient use of energy and resources;
  • Reducing and, if possible, preventing entry of harmful materials to the environment;
  • Participation in and following eco-friendly activities conducted by leading organizations;
  • Reaching an acceptable level of sustained development with regard to environmental issues;
  • Minimizing ecological footprint in development of new projects, services and products.
MAPNA Group’s managers and employees adhere to the following principles and ideas:
  • Accidents are preventable.
  • Workplace protection and the health of human resources have the highest value in MAPNA Group.
  • Efficiency of HSE management system is a tenet of effective and reliable management.
  • All of the subsidiaries of MAPNA Group shall have a systematic approach to HSE management to ensure the implementation of its principles and regulations and to improve its performance.
  • Engaging in new businesses is permissible only if they do not pose serious risks to the workplace or the employees.
  • All of MAPNA Group’s employees, at all levels, adhere to and observe HSE principles as an essential duty.
MAPNA Group’s HSE vision:
  • Forming a safe, environment-friendly workplace;
  • Steady improvement of MAPNA Group’s HSE rank at the national and international level;
  • Development of a systematic, efficient and effective HSE management system
MAPNA Group’s HSE Charter of Ethics
  •  HSE priority in decision-making;
  • Minimizing physical, financial, and environmental damage;
  • Efficient and effective HSE management in all activities;
  • Raising HSE awareness among MAPNA Group personnel and subcontractors;
  • Compliance with national and international law and other HSE charters.