Every company’s senior manager is responsible for ensuring the sufficiency of resources for a commitment to the development, implementation and maintenance of the HSE management system and the attainment of its policies and strategic objectives. Each company or unit is committed to the development, maintenance and promotion of a culture that is supportive of the HSE management system based on the following items:

  • Believing in the company’s demands for improving HSE performance
  • Motivating employees and stakeholders to improve HSE performance
  • Accepting personal responsibility and accountability for HSE performance
  • Participation, at all levels, for the development of an HSE Management System
  • Commitment to an efficient and effective HSE Management System

The signs of commitment to the HSE management system among the MAPNA Group’s subsidiaries include the following:

  • Observing HSE considerations in management meetings and decision-makings
  • Appreciating managers and taking the necessary precautions for enforcing approved and notified regulations
  • Encouraging employees to offer suggestions for improving the status of the HSE management
  • Allocating required resources such as funding, time, human resources and so on to HSE issues
  • Active participation in HSE-related activities, projects and studies by the Group or its subsidiaries
  • Valuing the contributions and innovations achieved in the field of HSE issues inside and outside the organization