MAPNA Group companies operate in five primary divisions: power, rail transportation, oil & gas, investment projects, and services, as well as other business lines including manufacturing and healthcare. The chart below demonstrates the Group's structure.


MD1 is the largest contractor of gas power plants in Iran. Up to now, construction and commissioning of 145 gas and combined cycle power plant units with an overall capacity of more than 23000 MWs has been assigned to MD1. Thanks to determination and capability of MAPNA specialists, more than seventy percent of the capacity has been implemented and the rest is to be synchronized to the national grid in near future.
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Address No. 15, Africa Ave. (South of Haghani Crossroads). Postal Code : 1518614411
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MAPNA Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2) is a MAPNA subsidary which started operation in 2005. MD-2 activities are mainly focused on execution of power plant and industrial utilities projects, ranging from feasibility studies to turnkey solutions. 
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Address No. 15, Africa Ave., Tehran, Iran, P.O Box: 1518614411
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MAPNA Special Projects Construction & Development Company (MD-3) is a subsidiary of MAPNA Group, which is engaged in power plant and industrial projects inside Iran and overseas. As a general contractor, the company focuses on energy and industrial ancillary facilities in domestic and regional markets, and relies on human capital, efficient partners, and up-to-date knowledge to ensure and protect the rights of all stakeholders and to promote sustainable development.

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Address No.43, Kish Alley, Jahan Koodak Crossroad, Nelson Mandela (Africa) Ave, Tehran, Iran.
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Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers is a leading industrial player that began its operations in the electrical industry before extending into other sectors. Monenco Iran has been providing engineering, consulting, and supervision services in the fields of electricity, oil and gas, petrochemicals, metro and railways, air and road transportation, telecommunications, civil engineering and urban planning, mining, network, SCADA, and water and wastewater for nearly five decades. Having over 1,000 people on the payroll, Monenco Iran aims to provide fresh solutions to the challenges and crises confronting the Iranian industry with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

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Address No. 12 Attar st., Valiasr Ave., Tehran – Iran. Zip Code : 1994643315
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Nasb Niroo Company (NNC) is an affiliate to MAPNA Group, with over two decades of active presence in the construction, installation, commissioning and development of gas, steam, combined-cycle, and hydro power plants, as well as refineries, power transmission lines, high-voltage substations, and new energy in the Iranian and international markets.
Nasb Niroo is known for its ability to complete projects in the fields of construction, transportation, power plant installation and commissioning, transmission line and substation construction, as well as fuel storage tank construction.
NNC has completed 320 major construction (C), procurement and construction (PC), and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects in the oil & gas and energy sectors, relying on over 2,000 domestic experts. The company is currently working on a number of projects both in Iran and abroad.

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Address No.45, 27th Ave., Kurdestan Highway, Tehran, Iran. 14377-47581
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Oil and Gas

This company was established in 2008 to provide an organized management to expand MAPNA’s presence in oil & gas industries. In recent years, relying on MAPNA’s facilities and capabilities, OGDC has started to study the market to find appropriate strategies to transfer technical knowledge and in this regard, it has accomplished important negotiations with international investors to implement oil & gas field development projects which are within the top priorities of the Ministry of Petroleum.
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MAPNA Drilling Company has been established to implement offshore/onshore projects as well as providing drilling services in fields of engineering, purchase, drilling, and subsidiary services. Owning offshore/onshore drilling rigs and providing different drilling services, this company is capable of implementing varied drilling projects.

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TEC is a Petroleum Engineering and Geo-science Consultancy Company, regarded as the first Iranian knowledge-based firm in upstream of oil & gas industry. The Company was founded in 1991 with the aim of providing certain services in oil & gas industry such as exploration, assessment and modeling, field development studies, geological studies, ad reservoir engineering in accordance with cutting-edge technologies and know-how.
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Established in 1958, Neyr Perse is an active player in the Iranian oil and gas sector. Acquired by MAPNA Group in 2008, it has since worked as an EPC contractor in a variety of midstream and downstream projects, including the development of Phases 13, 14, 19, and 22-24 of South Pars Gas Field in the Persian Gulf.

MAPNA Neyr Perse’s activities involve process units, utility units, and gas pressure boosting stations. The company is also engaged in pipeline projects, equipping petroleum delivery and transfer terminals with accurate and automatic measurement systems.

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Address No. 38 - West Armaghan St. - Vali-e-Asr Ave. -Tehran - Iran P.O Box: 1967743116
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Railroad Transportation

MAPNA Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company is the main company in MAPNA rail section. This company was established in 2007 and started with a large-scale project, the production of 150 Iran Safir locomotives under license of Siemens company.
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Address Mapna Locomotive Factory, New Razakan Rd, Standard Sq, Karaj, Iran. Zip Code: 3173655111
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MAPNA Rail Construction and Development Company particularly focused on execution of various rail projects from A to Z with strategic cooperation of international companies. MRC activities cover a vast range from engineering services and spare parts supply to maintenance and repair operations.
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MAPNA Railway Maintenance and Operation Development Company (MRM) is active in three main areas: maintenance and services, repair, and procurement of locomotive equipment.
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Address No. 4,1st St., North Mosadeq (Naft) St., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, Iran. Postal Code: 1919613871
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MAPNA Rail Technologies Company was established in 2009 with the joint investment of MAPNA Group and Faiveley Transport France with the aim of supplying and transferring brake and air conditioning system technology. In recent years, with the transfer of all shares of the company to MAPNA Group, a new approach has been put on the agenda and the company seeks to provide state-of-the-art and quality products based on customer needs, relying on domestic technical knowledge and trained personnel.

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Address Karaj, after Fardis Bridge, Standard Square, Namaz Boulevard, MAPNA Locomotive Factories, MAPNA Rail Technology Company
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MAPNA Multimodal Transportation Company (MMT) was established in 2020 with the aim of operating in the field of combined transportation business with the priority of rail transportation. 

MMT has invested in providing locomotives and wagons, as well as hardware and software facilities in freight logistics services in order to complete the business cycle of rail transportation. The company is attempting to participate in the freight transportation sector both inside Iran and abroad by utilizing the most up-to-date digital infrastructure.

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Fax :021-22908597
Address No. 282, South Mosaddeq St., Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran, Iran.
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Wagon Pars Company (WPCO) is the largest manufacturer of rail fleet, including freight and passenger wagons, locomotives, train sets, subway cars and bogies, in Iran.

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Fax :+98 21 88766608
Address No. 12, Fourth Alley, Pakistan St., Shahid Beheshti St., Tehran, Iran
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Ehya Sanat Company is Iran's oldest firm involved in the repair and rehabilitation of rolling stock. Currently, the company is engaged in repairing and renovating various types of freight and passenger wagons and locomotives, as well as powered urban and suburban train cars at its own workshop situated in MAPNA Group’s Wagon Pars Company, as well as in the Iranian railway regions.

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Address 2nd floor, No. 49, East Anahita St, Alborz Ave., Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran, Iran.
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Investment Projects

Power and water cogeneration projects in Hormozgan province were inaugurated with Qeshm Power and Water Cogeneration project. It is the first investment MAPNA made in the business. The project has two units each of 25 MW (total 50 MW under ISO condition) and 18,000 cubic meters of water per day. Both 25 MW units are worked out and water desalination unit is in pre-operation phase.

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This company was established in 2010 with the objective of design, engineering and implementing electricity generation renewable energies such as wind, solar, geothermal, waves, and biomass power plants under various investment schemes. It is currently taking measures to sell products in the global market without CO2 emission under Clean Development Mechanism Scheme (CDM).

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Parehsar combined cycle power plant, a BOT scheme and 968 mW (ISO conditions), includes two blocks (each comprising two gas units of 162 mW and a steam unit of 160 mW capacity. It is located 5km from Rezvanshahr in Parehsar County in Guilan province. As the first case of private sector participation in power sector, the power plant was won during an international tender in 2000. In 2007, all shares of foreign shareholders were transferred to MAPNA, which created a new company, MAPNA Parehsar Power Plant Co with the following percentage of shares:

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Tous Power Plant (Ferdowsi) comprises six units, each with a generation capacity of 159MW (under ISO conditions) Siemens V94.2 type and a 400KW substation and is located 15km Mashad-Qouchan road in the vicinity of older Tous power plant.

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With the need to establish new power plants to meet increasing power demands, MAPNA received a mandate from Ministry of Power’s TAVANIR company proposing construction of a 1000 MW power plant under BOO scheme late October 2009, which ultimately established MAPNA Khuzestan Power Generation Company in May 28, 2011.

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This company was established in order to operate the Sanandaj Combined Cycle Power Plant which consists of four gas turbines of V94.2 version of Ansaldo Company, each with a capacity of 159 MW and two steam units each with a capacity of 160 MW. The power plant is located on a 72 hectare land 7 km from Sanandaj on the road to Saqqez.

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Asaluyeh Power Plant includes 3 gas units each with a generation capacity of 157 MWs, Tuga V94.2 type (under license from Siemens) and 2 gas units of MAP2+ Tuga type each with a 166 MW and a single 170 MW of MAP2A Tuga type, and the relevant 400 kV substation and is located 25 km off South Pars Special Economic Zone and in the vicinity of Bostanu village in the Southern Iranian province of Bushehr. The generation capacity of last three units have been improved through total overhaul and operating new products of the MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing (Tuga).

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MAPNA West Karun Power Generation Company is in charge of construction and operation of West Karun Central Power Plant, a combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 492 MWs. Read More

Genaveh combined cycle power plant was commissioned in 2006 in a BOO scheme in compliance with Note B of Article 25 of the Fourth Development Plan to MAPNA Group. The company is a private sector enterprise established in 2008 to attract investments to power plant construction and water desalination facility.

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Azarakhsh is a special-purpose entity established for construction, development and operation of Aliabad Gas Power Plant, located in Aliabad Katoul in north-eastern province of Golestan. The power plant was constructed by a BOO scheme, and comprises six units each with 162 MW and total nominal capacity of 972 MW, and is convertible to combined cycle power plant. Azarakhsh Power Plant Company was established by MAPNA and Sana Companies as sponsors and is assigned with management of power plant construction and operation.

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In line with the official policies of Iran on establishing private power plants, MAPNA International FZE and IHAG collaborated in establishing the South Isfahan Power Plant Company in Jebel Ali Free Economic Zone in the UAE, with a share of 80 per cent for IHAG and 20 per cent for the MAPNA FZE in 2004 after an agreement with TAVANIR Company in a BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) scheme.

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In line with the objectives set by the 44th article of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution, which mandates participation of the private sector in electricity industry, a gas power plant construction was assigned to MAPNA Group with nominal capacity of 972 MW under BOT (ISO condition) scheme in December 2004.
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Sepahan MAPNA Engineering & Equipment Manufacturing Company (STS) specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of gas, steam, and combined-cycle power plant auxiliary equipment. The company also designs and manufactures MED-TVC desalination systems, wind turbine towers, twin-shaft lime kilns, power plant cooling systems, and monorail switches.

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Fax :(+98) 21-22908658
Address (Tehran Office): No. 46, West Arash Alley, Farid Afshar Ave., Zafar St., Tehran
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Established in 1990, Mavadkaran Engineering has boasted more than two decades of consistent knowledge-based experience. It has based its key strategy on manufacturing and reconstructing hot section and blades in gas turbines’ air compressors that are used in power plant, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries.

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Fax :+98 26 36647706
Address Mapna Boulevard, 7th km Malard Road, Karaj, Iran. Postal Code: 316764368
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MECO was established in July 2004 with the objective to meet the needs of MAPNA Group in power industry, security, and instrumentation. More than a decade after its establishment, MECO has expanded its scope of activities from power plant industry to oil & gas, petrochemical and refineries industry on one hand and railroad transportation industry on the other hand.

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Address No 231, Mirdamad Blvd., Tehran 1918953651 Iran.
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This company was established in 1999 to procure required boilers in various industries. After several years of experience, MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Company is widely engaged in design, procurement, manufacture, installation, and commissioning heat recovery boilers, industrial and power plant packages, and auxiliary equipment.

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Fax :27582001
Address No. 77, Golkhaneh Alley, Africa Highway, Tehran
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MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA) is an original equipment manufacturer of various types of gas turbines, steam and centrifugal compressors and industrial gearboxes, which has benefited from the cutting-edge technologies and reliable experts for almost two decades. The company has so far delivered more than 320 units of different turbines and compressors to domestic and foreign clients.

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Fax :+98 (21) 22908654
Address 231 Mirdamad Ave., Tehran, Iran – P.O.B: 1918953651
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MAPNA Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARS) was established in 1998 with the objective of transferring technology of construction and manufacturing thermal power plant generators (up to 160 MW), water plant generators (up to 250 MWs), and power plant bus-ducts. Going through various phases of evolution, the company is now the largest designer and manufacturer of thermal and water plants, wind turbine, generators, industrial electric motors, and power plant bus-ducts of the country.

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Fax :+98 21 22908661
Address No. 231, Mirdamad Blvd. Tehran, Iran
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The company was established to operate Parand Thermal Power Plant is located southwest of Tehran. The 942-MW Parand Power Plant is comprised of six V94.2 version gas turbine units from Ansaldo Company (Ansaldo Energia Company of Italy). The power plant has been erected on an area of 100 hectares of land in southwest Tehran, 30 km from Tehran-Saveh Highway. Construction operations of the power plant started in 2004 by MAPNA Company and its six gas units were commissioned within three years, each with a capacity of 157 MW.
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MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARTO) is focused on engineering, manufacturing, and procuring blades and vanes for turbines, particularly in power and oil & gas sector.

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Fax :+98 (0)263 6618295
Address Km 7 Malard Road, Mapna Boulevard, Karaj, I.R.IRAN
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For balanced development and excellence of its management systems and for achieving its strategic goals, MAPNA Group established the MAPNA Management Consulting Company in 2011.
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MAPNA Operation and Maintenance Company was established as a subsidiary of MAPNA Group for commissioning, operation, maintenance and performance testing of power plants, as well as technology development and localization, and implementation of software systems especially in IPP projects.

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Address No. 4, 1st St., North Mosadeq St., Tehran
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Alborz Turbine was established in 2009 as a reliable support for products and services of MAPNA Group.

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Fax :+98 (26) 36630050
Address Mapna Blvd., Fardis, Karaj, Iran
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