Abbas Aliabadi
Chairman and BoD member
Mahmoud Kamani

BoD member

Mohammadreza Modarres Khiabani
BoD Vice Chairman
Rahim Mahdizadeh
BoD member
Alireza Khojasteh Wahhabzadeh
BoD member

Members of the board of directors of MAPNA, pursue implementation, monitoring and control of the already approved plans through executive boards as well as specialized working groups within the Group itself.



The following constitute the mission of the executive boards of various divisions:

  • Settlement of problems and impediments residing within the subsidiary companies.
  • Policy making and specifying division strategies.
  • Focusing on the systematic settlement of significant challenges within the divisions.
  • Decision making concerning any division’s specific issues.

Executive boards serve as leading arms of management team in various divisions.

  1. MAPNA Group executive board
  2. Executive board of Manufacturing Division
  3. Executive board of Power Division
  4. Executive board of Investment Projects Division
  5. Executive board of Oil and Gas Division
  6. Executive board of Rail Transportation Division


Seven working groups operate in MAPNA Company which are in charge of:

  • Specifying the strategies of each area of work
  • Policy making
  • Contributing to the settlement of key issues within any specified area of work

Within their working process, these working groups handle the following:

  • Integration of views, opinions and best practices
  • Developing a common comprehension of various peculiarities and requirements of companies and divisions
  • Contributing to decision making
  • Attracting support for the progression of approvals of the Group.