Although we do not view quality through the narrow lens of receiving decorations, our dedication to excellence, whether in operation of projects, manufacturing of products or delivery of services, has inevitably brought us various national and global awards.

Since establishment, MAPNA Group has enjoyed enormous success and outstanding achievement, a proof to the group’s commitment to excellence, dynamism and organizational values. Reception of the EQFM-based national Crystal Award for Organizational Productivity and Excellence, the highest award of its type, is only one of the many achievements of the group.

More than 20 contracts have been signed so far between MAPNA Group and well-known international companies including Siemens, Doncasters, Doosan, and ABB in order to transfer technology and know-how in the fields of design, engineering, manufacture of equipment and also project management. Joint ventures, such as the recently established Tuga Franco Tosi Meccanica, demonstrate MAPNA Group’s commitment to sustained enhancement of its products and services.