MAPNA Group has carried out numerous investments for the development of infrastructure and operations and related services of rail transport since entering the key sector in late 2000s.

Design and manufacture of 150 diesel-electric MAP24 locomotives are among top MAPNA projects in this field. Our advanced technical, manufacturing, and executive capacity makes us a unique choice in providing services for urban passengers and promoting urban rail projects including metro, tram, and monorail.

MAPNA Group is currently engaged in several ongoing projects, including Isfahan Tramway project. Establishment of MAPNA Railway Fleet Development Company (MRFD), is another key move by MAPNA Group in development of investment in this sector.

Relying on our strong financial position, we are fully prepared to lift the heavy financial burden off our clients' shoulders and do our utmost in the three areas of executing railway projects, manufacturing locomotives/rolling stock, and full locomotive maintenance. MAPNA is currently engaged in the Isfahan and Karaj metro implementation projects, as well as Tehran Metro Line 3 power supply plan.

Since the transportation industry is one of the main consumers of petroleum products, accounting for 40% of total consumption, MAPNA Group has been working hard in recent years to find solutions to change traditional modes of transportation and deliver efficient approaches that save energy and reduce pollution.

The expertise of MAPNA in delivering engineering, managerial and financing services in these projects helped it win the Tehran Metro tenders, resulting in the signing of the contract for Line 6 project in early 2017. Mashhad subway, Isfahan Metro Line 1, and Qom Monorail are among other MAPNA projects in urban transportation.

By participating in all urban subway projects, the Group hopes to help design a brighter future for Iran's megacities, one in which urban transportation security is ensured, fossil fuel consumption is reduced, and urban pollution is decreased.

Upgrading the traditional railway to the modern and electric railway will also lead to greater efficiency and bigger profits for the country. MAPNA Group, with its specialized personnel and advanced equipment, makes it possible to convert old railways into electric railways via innovative methods.

The conglomerate also supplies a variety of trains to clients with long-term goals in the development of rail transportation systems.

MAPNA also holds bigger goals, intending to become one of the region's leading rail enterprises by participating in international bids in the Middle East and East Asia. The Group is currently in partnership with several leading European enterprises.