Nowadays, developed transportation infrastructure provides countries with an opportunity for economic growth. An insufficient transportation sector, on the other hand, slows the whole process of development. Thus, development of all transportation vectors, including land routes, railways, and air routes should be a priority. In line with its general development strategies, Iran has been working to improve and expand its transportation sector as well. Thanks to its familiarity with the railway industry, and embarking on an ambitious goal to complete the national transportation chain, MAPNA has been a prominent player of the field in recent years.

With design and manufacture of different types of maneuver and generator wagons, and electric and electro-diesel locomotives, MAPNA Group is Iran’s most powerful player from the private sector. Standing on top of the chart in manufacturing railway vehicles and holding a maximum share of the domestic market, the group boasts a firm foothold in the sector. In close cooperation with world-renowned companies such as Siemens and Foster Wheeler, MAPNA Group meets the ever-increasing demand for locomotives across the country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railway’s regulations allows private companies to enter supply and sale of locomotive services. Using this opportunity, MAPNA Group has signed a contract agreement with the Railway to manufacture of 150 freight wagons as one of its first steps in the business.