In 2009, MAPNA Group started focusing on ‘design, engineering, and construction of renewable energy power generation plants, especially wind turbines and solar cells. Technical, financial, and legal participation in investing, developing, construction, installing, operating, maintenance, and after-sale service, and running clean energy generation plants as independent electricity providers are other areas of activity for the group.
The scope of activity encompasses all stages, from preliminary studies to commissioning, energy generation, sale, and export along with all other relevant trade. Among these activities are construction of power plants and other related utilities, project management, design and manufacture of power plant equipment and other facilities used in energy and electricity generation plants, civil construction operations, installing and operating, and management of electricity sale inside and outside the company.
To facilitate cooperation with globally renowned companies in technology transfer, the company succeeded in obtaining licenses and indigenizing technical knowledge of manufacturing wind turbines with 2.5MW capacity from Fuhrländer, a renowned German manufacturer of wind-power plants.
Currently, contract agreements to manufacture wind turbines with various capacities has been finalized and delivered to MAPNA. Feasibility studies in 11 windy regions across the country have been carried out and 80-m high wind vanes are collecting data in the site of the project.


The prospects of building of a 2.5MW turbine under licence of German Fuhrländer provide superior technology, long life shelf, and higher output. In this innovative design, rotating electrical drives are installed in hub, with access to network transformer possible through rear part of the machine. Complex and neat design of the huge and advanced 2.5MW model significantly facilitates working with it. The model complies with the latest international network connection protocols.



1.Hub with pitch system

2.Roller bearings

3.Coupling shaft

4.Gear box

5.Mechanical brake

6.left-side engine derive


8.Centralized Lubricationequipment


12.Cooling system

13.Fire extinguisher system

14.Wind sensor



The unique system of the 2500KW turbine, with short and compact power transition path, facilitates its smooth movements and makes possible smaller size of the system.
A fixed roller bearing is placed between rotor hub and nozzle instead of a heavy main shaft.
Thrust and cross-sectional forces are transferred directly to tower through nozzle, and these forces are not applied to gearbox roller bearings. This is crucial in improving the useful life-shelf of the gearbox. Full connection of gearbox to nozzle in all directions creates an optimum flow of current to generate a torque in the centre of gravity. This structure removes all forces other than torque applied to gears. To investigate and repair, access to hub is possible through valves in coupling. This rules out leaving the nozzle chamber.


Three-row roller bearings are designed optimally for common load conditions. Coupling shaft and gearbox are designed so as to block the system noise.



2500KW turbine is equipped with an advanced monitoring system where a few sensors on rotor roller, gearbox, and generator measure and record acceleration values for all components. Thus, the monitoring system functions fully.


All cables are fastened firm by high-quality industrial connectors. The whole system is re-tested just before moving to improve safety. All control panels, cables, and interface facilities are tested to zero possible errors.


The 2500KW turbine provides a new safety system both for operating staff and wind turbine and complies with the requirements of European Machine Directives and Germanischer Lloyd standards. The safety system functions on components and signals in cases of emergency power outage, on performance and speed control relays, extra load protection, etc. It reduces system pressure and torque overload, which subsequently some facilities especially brakes and gearbox work under lower load.


Pitch system of 2500KW turbine enjoys a smart control system, which reduces the impact of strong wind when rapidly adjusting blades and reduces pressure on tower and turbine when brakes and strong winds are present.