MAPNA Group can be considered as a pioneering investor in Iran’s power industry.  It is the first and largest investor and manufacturer of power plants in the country’s private sector. The Group has participated in financing several power plants around the country with a total capacity of over 11,000 megawatts and a value of about 5.5 billion euros; a number of power projects with a total capacity of 1,300MW are also underway by the Group.  As a result, MAPNA Group has established itself as a major player in Iran's electricity and energy sectors. The Group has a long history of building of thermal (gas and combined cycle) power plants, including South Isfahan Power Plant (Iran’s first private power plant), Tous (Ferdowsi) Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Asaluyeh Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Aliabad Power Plant, Fars Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Pareh Sar Combined-Cycle Power Plant (Iran’s first power plant  built under a BOT scheme, which resulted in a the improvement of the country’s power plant investment regulations), as well as Ganaveh, Parand, Sanandaj, Behbahan, and Qeshm power plants as well as Kahak and Aghkand wind farms.     

The electricity sector is regarded as one of the forerunners in Iran’s privatization program, and MAPNA Group has put it atop its business agenda. To grow in this key infrastructural area, the Group first needed to develop a comprehensive scheme in project design, engineering and implementation; such strategy required a significant financial relief that could not be realized without engaging in investment projects.

With the launch of its Investment Division, MAPNA Group expanded its activities in the sector by building and owning power plants, gradually becoming one of the country’s main electricity producers by shifting from public contracting to offering more comprehensive solutions.

In other words, MAPNA Group has evolved from an executive contractor to an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor, offering a wide range of services such as financing, construction, implementation and maintenance; the Group has established itself as a major problem-solving agency in the power generation industry.