Seismic data is the primary tool of exploration worldwide, both onshore and offshore. 3D seismic surveys have lowered exploration risks and costs and have allowed searching for reserves not locatable by other means. Nonetheless, application of the 3D seismic data is not limited to identifying and delineating a prospect: it is now increasingly used for various purposes in the entire phases of reservoir development.
A seismic operation is conducted by sending a seismic wave into the ground and recording the reflected energy back at the surface. The recorded data needs to go under processing in order to be ready for interpretation. By analyzing the reflected seismic wave from subsurface formations, detailed subsurface geological information such as structural configuration and stratigraphic architecture of the formations can be mapped. Integrating this information with other subsurface information obtained from well data allows identifying where oil or gas may be trapped in sufficient quantities.
As part of our professional services for Master Development Plan (MDP) and full field integrated studies, we offer full seismic studies which cover all aspects of seismic program from data acquisition and processing to seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization. Our professional integrated solution is designed to efficiently utilize seismic data in all necessary phases of the reservoir development. In a genuinely case-based evaluation, all seismic needs of the project are assessed at early stage of the study and seismic program steps are planned.
TEC (MAPNA) services include: 3D seismic acquisition design, seismic data acquisition supervision and onsite/onboard quality control (both Real-Time and Fast Track processing), 2D/3D seismic data processing supervision and quality control, seismic data interpretation and geophysical reservoir analysis.
We have several years of experience utilizing 2D/3D seismic data in the full field integrated studies and rendering all above services.