• Fixed Equipment
  • Rotary Equipment


Rotating equipment is definitely the most important equipment with applications in oil industry; gas turbines and centrifugal compressors (also known as radial compressors) are in the focus of oil and gas industry experts for their incorporating of superb technology and science. With valuable experiences gained in technology transfer of gas and steam turbines of power plants and spare parts, now MAPNA has added to its production basket manufacture of 24mW mechanical-drive or generator-drive steam turbines and as well as centrifugal compressors. The list of products is as follows:


To meet the ever-increasing domestic demand for turbines, MAPNA embarked on design and manufacture and improvement of the turbine; now, over 230 gas and steam turbines have been commissioned and installed across the nation and in the region as well.

MAPNA-manufactured turbines:

  • MST-50C
  • (MGT-70(2
  • MGT-30



Centrifugal compressors is a major rotating equipment with wider applications in transfer and processing of gas condensates; thanks to different design and application of the equipment depending on the industry and gas condensate features, the capability and technical know-how in design and manufacture of compressors have provided MAPNA with its major advantage among other manufacturers in the market.

MAPNA is a pioneering company in possessing technology and experiences of manufacturing of rotating equipment in the country, with turbo-compressors among the products.

MAPNA’s performance in manufacture of centrifugal compressors includes:

  • Preparing the technology blueprint of design of centrifugal compressors according to customers’ requirements;
  • Knowledge transfer and indigenization of design of centrifugal compressors from Ukrainian SUMY Co., to meet the domestic immediate demand;
  • Manufacture of centrifugal compressors for use in national gas grid and South Pars 13th, 14th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

In line with the Group’s strategic objectives, the company’s deputy for design and manufacture of rotating equipment in oil and gas has been active in design and engineering of different types of centrifugal compressors highly needed in oil and gas, and petrochemical industry; the deputy is also would provide solutions for pressure relay stations and lines and for all process applications.


An important equipment in oil industry, oil pumps are strategic in all projects thanks to wider applications in industry, thus making its design and manufacture crucial; the submersible pump (or sub pumpelectric submersible pump (ESP)) is the most widely-used version of the product. Since Iran’s oil reservoirs are effectively halfway in their lifetime, using methods to improve the extraction load becomes necessary. The most economically justified method using EPS pumps. In line with this need, MAPNA’s oil and gas section has waged attempts to indigenize the knowledge and technical know-how of EPS pump design and manufacture to improve domestic capabilities and to boost production of oil from reservoirs.


Manufacturing turbine blades is a key and strategic for manufacture of gas and steam turbines and repair and maintenance of current operating power plants. Currently, blades are manufactured through a technology transfer from German Siemens for V94.2 turbine blades and through Belgian Formetal and Dutch Elbar Companies for General Electric F9 class blades.

An advantage for MAPNA-manufactured blades is that all processes including machining, casting, and coating are focused in a single complex. Currently, more than 14 different types of blades and parts of turbine are in the agenda and overall, more than 85,000 turbine blades have been manufactured by MAPNA.