MDCO currently possesses five PCS 521 A land cement pumps and four PCS – 521 B offshore cement pumps together with side equipment including bulk plant silos, cement transfer and reservoir with rubber for transferring acid & solvents.

Relying on the latest technology and automatic control system, this equipment has the ability to present the best quality under difficult environmental conditions.

The key features of this equipment include:

  • Very high ability to mix
  • Automatic mixing system
  • Ability to be used for corrosive fluids
  • Ability to transfer fluids from inaccessible source
  • Ability to monitor & save data of the task during operation

Mapna Drilling Company also possesses the following equipment for storage, transportation, measurement and cutting cement bags as well as storage and transportation of acid liquids:

  • Cement reserve tanks with capacities of 750 and 1050 cubic foot
  • Scale tank with the capacity of 750 cubic foot
  • Solution tank with the capacity of 500 cubic foot
  • Cutting tank with the capacity of 250 ft3
  • Twin tank to carry cement
  • Tank to reserve liquids with the capacity of 4000 Gallons
  • Coated tank to carry acid with the capacity of 4000 Gallons



Mapna Drilling Company is equipped with various sizes of coring tools for 12-1/4″, 8-3/8″, 8-1/2″, 6-1/8″ and 5-7/8″ hole sizes. The specifications of MDCO’s coring equipments are as follows:

  • Outer tube is made from stainless steel and equipped with high torque threads, adjustable safety joint and suitable stabilizers in order to increase the coring efficiency.
  • Inner tubes are made from material provided by leading fiber glass manufacturers. Their light weight and heavy duty with polished surface characteristics reduce core jamming, make coring possible even in fractured formation, and by improving core quality, safety, efficiency and easier core handling save rig time and costs.


Casings with different sizes are used to cover different inner parts of the well and eventually grant a tapered shape to the well.

Different Casing pipes are as follows:

  • Conductor pipe
  • Surface casing
  • Intermediate casing
  • Production casing
  • Liner casing

In this operation, the pipe which is made of metals resistant against corrosion is driven into the well using special equipment by skilled personnel. The distance between the pipe and the well is cemented in order to fix the casing pipe permanently in order to continue the process of drilling in a safer manner.

Mapna Drilling Company has four series of equipment to run the casing pipe in different sizes from 2-3/8″ to 30″. The most important of them are named as follows:

  • Complete handling equipment for normal and chrome pipes
  • FARR/McCoy power tongs with chrome inserts for 2-3/8″ to 20″
  • B+V pneumatic spider slips / elevator for all sizes from 4-1/2″ to 20″
  • 6 cylinder diesel hydraulic power units
  • FARR/McCoy computerized torque monitoring systems


MDST is a method of temporary completion of the well by which the hydro-static pressure of the drilling fluid is taken away from the reservoir and the formation fluids are given room to move. This test might be conducted in cased wells.

Mapna Drilling Company has the equipment to test the well bore in three sizes of 3″, 3-7/8″ and 5″ and RTTS obstructing equipment in four sizes of 5″, 7″, 9-5/8″ and 13-3/8″.


The mud logging service offered at the well site can be divided into two groups:

  1. The classical mud logging service for a continuous geological monitoring service, which includes the documentation and storage of geological formation data using cuttings samples.
  2. The extended mud logging service incorporating the drill monitoring system (DMS)/rig control for project optimization and improvement of well site safety.

MDCO owns onshore and offshore (pressurized) mud logging units with DNV 2.7.1 A0 Zone 1 certification. It also enjoys collaboration with experienced data engineers, mud loggers, geologists and sample-catchers.

Some Of MDCO mud logging unit advantages are as follows:

  • The unit is pressurized using a suitable system for hazardous area application
  • Application of “IWELL” Software Suite, designed for data acquisition, process and records of sensors signals and gas detection