In today’s world, close competition for higher levels of development is elemental to social and economic planning. Economic development is achieved through defining projects for energy, transportation and other sectors, where the issue of investments and financial resources come to surface as crucial playing factors.
With the expanding scope of MAPNA Group’s activities and the need to attract investments for the projects, the organizational structure was reshuffled to house a new division, Investment Projects Division (IPD) as a pivotal element in advancing strategic activities of the Group. Thanks to ample opportunities and access to domestic and international markets, the Group has had the opportunity for direct investment and bringing in other domestic and international investors in power plant, oil and gas, railroad transportation projects. MAPNA Group is the first and largest single investor of private power plant projects in the country, with investments worth of € 2.5bn in two power plants with a total capacity of 8,000 MW. Such capacities have made MAPNA a major player in Iran’s power and energy stock market. To its inventory of achievements MAPNA has added commissioning, building, and operation of the country’s first private power plant (South Isfahan Power Plant). Tous (Ferdowsi), Assaluyeh, Aliabad (Katoul), Fars, Paresar, and Gonaveh power plants have been developed under similar schemes and they contribute to national grid.