Localization of Medical Equipment

MAPNA Group is currently supplying medical imaging equipment to Iran's University of Medical Sciences and other leading medical universities such as Shahid Beheshti, Mashhad, Lorestan, Kurdistan, Shiraz, and Sabzevar. The Group has purchased a big quantity of equipment in order to lower the finished costs for its clients. After-sales and maintenance services are also provided by the conglomerate.

MAPNA Healthcare Company seeks to localize the design and manufacture of medical equipment with the help of domestic experts, and is now taking steps to grow its activity in this field by obtaining up-to-date expertise.

MHC’s primary goal is to produce medical equipment, transfer knowledge and technology and provide imaging services with government tariffs in less-developed areas. Between 2017 and 2019, the company supplied 22 CT scanners, seven MRI machines, eight angiography equipment, and 15 ultrasound machines to Iranian hospitals.