Industrial development, maintaining and developing the desired growth rate, completing the product and business portfolio, and managing the changing business environment as well as international conditions are the main elements encouraging MAPNA Group to enter the field of new businesses, including electrification.

Holding such a view, MAPNA has embarked on the electrification of automotive and rail transport industries, a move that can hugely contribute to the Group’s environmental responsibility. The conglomerate began its initial feasibility studies for the development of EV infrastructures in Iran in the early 2010s, finally gearing up to jointly produce EVs with two major Iranian automakers, namely SAIPA and Iran Khodro (IKCO).

MAPNA forged its first agreement with SAIPA in February 2019 to develop and commercialize electric vehicles in the hope of reducing fossil fuel consumption and curbing air pollution in megacities.

In August 2020, IKCO also expressed interest in joining hands with MAPNA to mass produce electric vehicles.

MAPNA is also planning to carry out feasibility studies for the electrification of transportation fleets of Kish Island, southern Iran.