Towards Creating a Green Brand for Iran’s Energy Sector

A green brand is a set of attributes and benefits designed to minimize the brand’s environmental impact and creating a positive perception of the brand as eco-friendly. In industry, a large number of activities are presented as eco-friendly; however, to determine whether such activities are actually helpful for the environment is somehow difficult. Due to the complicated nature of industrial products and also lack of sufficient information in this regard, it is difficult to find out which brands actually comply with green standards. Therefore, to develop a precise base for understanding this issue, it is necessary to provide sufficient information for stakeholders about environmental challenges and how to face and solve them; hence, comparing them with actions taken by the brand makes it clear which activities are eco-friendly and can be called “green activities”.
In this paper, two key environmental challenges posed by the energy industry, two principles are introduced as a framework for creating a green brand in the energy sector of Iran: reducing greenhouse gas emissions (especially CO2) and reducing particulate matter concentration in cities. These two principles, along with their solutions, as the bases for evaluating the energy industry, are used as a yardstick to analyze MAPNA Group activities to determine which of the group’s activities have been carried out to create a green brand.

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