Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers is a leading industrial player that began its operations in the electrical industry before extending into other sectors. Monenco Iran has been providing engineering, consulting, and supervision services in the fields of electricity, oil and gas, petrochemicals, metro and railways, air and road transportation, telecommunications, civil engineering and urban...
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Fax : +98 21 88771206
Address : No. 12 Attar st., Valiasr Ave., Tehran – Iran. Zip Code : 1994643315
Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers is a major industrial firm that specializes in design, consulting, engineering and project management. The original company was founded in 1973 as joint venture between the Iranian private sector and Montreal Engineering Co. of Canada. Monenco Iran was established in 1991 through a partnership between the Iranian Energy Ministry and Monenco Agra Company of Canada. The Energy Ministry’s share was purchased by MAPNA Group in 1997, and two years later, AMEC Foster Wheeler – one of the leading British engineering and contracting companies active in energy field – became a stakeholder of the joint venture by purchasing Monenco Agra’s share.
Currently, MAPNA Group, Wood Group (a British multinational engineering and consulting business), and MIR Engineering and Technology Management Company (affiliated with Monenco Iran) are the main shareholders of Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers.
Monenco Iran has distinguished itself among competitors by providing practical solutions to industrial challenges, and has grown to become Iran's largest consulting firm in terms of profit.
Monenco Iran’s activities are not limited to the domestic projects as it has carved out a strong presence in the international markets. The company has provided engineering consultation for the Shahjibazar Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Bangladesh, as well as other projects in Oman, Iraq, Syria, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria. Monenco's social responsibility initiatives include acquiring up-to-date knowledge, connecting with specialists, and curbing the industry's eco-hazardous impacts.
The company has established cross-sectional, long-term collaborations with reputable global companies in a bid to increase its technical knowledge and transferring new technologies that will allow it to present its skills in international markets. Accordingly, Monenco Iran has opened the Monenco Consulting Engineers (MCE) office in Oman to expand its footprints in the Middle East markets. The company has also registered Monenco Engineering Limited (MEL) in Nigeria and Monenco Germany, to boost its activities in African and European markets, respectively. Monenco is the first Iranian consulting firm having offices in 14 different countries.
• Power Generation
  • Design, Consulting, and feasibility studies (technical, economic, environmental and social)
  • Management of guaranteed electricity sales (ECA)
  • Consulting services and market studies for power plant construction as well as metal industries
  • Management and supervision on the integration of three-dimensional power plant models
• Dispatching, Telecommunication, and Information Technology
  • Switching to smart technologies
  • Telecommunication infrastructure (fiber optic, radio, etc.)
  • Comprehensive telecommunication plans
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Development of strategies and business studies
  • Dispatching, automation and monitoring
  • Cyber security schemes
• Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Mining
  • Basic and detailed design of oil and gas refineries
  • Design of petrochemical units
  • Design of petrochemical and chemical units with technical knowledge, under license of Monenco Iran
  • Design of pipelines of gas/oil and petroleum products
  • Design of pressure control units in gas networks
  • Design of pressure boosting units in oil transmission lines
  • Design of mineral processing units
  • Design of exploration and operation monitoring units
  • Design of LNG processing units
  • Design of ground level units
• System and Energy Studies
  • Studies of electrical power systems
  • Strategic studies and management consulting
  • Energy systems planning studies
  • Economic and electricity market studies
• Mir Engineering and Technology Management Company (affiliated to Monenco Iran)
  • Holding general and specialized training courses
  • Management consulting
  • Participation in the construction of 52,000 MW of power plants, 23,000 km of transmission lines and optical ground wire (OPGW), 32,000 megavolt ampere of substations, 45 national and regional dispatching centers and SCADA plans, and 56 comprehensive plans for developing telecommunication systems and networks.
  • Participation in launching and execution of engineering processes in 43 oil, gas and petrochemical complexes.
  • Implementation of 17 renewable energy projects, 9 distributed generation projects, 4 heat recovery and energy efficiency optimization projects, 16 geology and mining projects, 2*14.5 km subway and railway projects (14 stations), as well as 34 technical and economic feasibility study projects
  • Execution of 27 high voltage substations and their air and ground transmission lines in Oman
  • Construction of more than 5,000 MW of thermal power plants in foreign markets: Oman (1,500 MW), Iraq (2,000 MW), Syria (1,500 MW) and Bangladesh (330 MW)
  • Participation in the implementation of gas supply projects and engineering processes in coal mining projects
  • Launching the pilot National Smart Metering Program (known as Faham in Persian) as the largest smart grid and remote measurement project in Iran
  • Successful bidding of the Iran-Iraq electricity network connection study project
  • Signing a three-year contract with Oman Electricity Transmission Company as the consulting engineer for electrical systems studies
  • Concluding a Memorandum of Understanding in the fields of oil and gas, and petrochemicals (bioethanol), as well as telecommunications (mobile operator), and architecture of office, commercial and tourism buildings in Nigeria
  • Winning the bid for the HVAC of CASA 1000 project’s transmission line in Central Asia (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) with the highest technical score in a competition with international consultants, financed by the World Bank and European financing institutes
  • Awarded the reliability studies of the electricity network of Bangladesh (commissioned by the Power Cell Company of Bangladesh)
  • Assigned as the employer’s main consultant for the 330 MW Shahjibazaar Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Bangladesh (commissioned by the Bangladesh Power Development Board)
  • Assigned as the supreme supervisor of the LNG storage terminal construction and re-gasification complex project in Bangladesh
  • Implementation of seven projects in Oman in constructing transmission lines and high-pressure substations, as well as electrical systems and telecommunications studies
  • Ranked among the top 400 Iranian companies by the Industrial Management Institute (IMI)
  • The only engineering company to receive the Iranian National Financial Management Award in 2016
  • Top Iranian exporter; top Tehran-based exporter
  • Top exporter of knowledge-based products (awarded by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology)
  • Obtained 24 specialized ranks of eligibility to provide engineering and consulting services from Iran’s Planning and Budget Organization
  • Ranked among the 200 largest consulting companies in the world
Certificates and Standards
  • Management System Certificate (IQNet)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard (HSE-MS)
  • Quality management system standard in oil and gas and petrochemical industries (ISO / TS 29001)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO / IEC 27001

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