1. MAPNA generates 13 per cent of country’s total power under the following contract types:
  • Guaranteed power purchase agreement (PPA) or ECA (export credit agency);
  • Direct sales in electricity markets;
  • Sales in energy stock market;
  • Sale of wind farm power through guaranteed contracts for renewable energies;
  • In the meantime, MAPNA caters to its major customers through sales contracts.


  1. Water that is generated in MAPNA water and power generation plants could be used as drinkable water and/or find industrial applications through guaranteed purchase agreements to the following markets:
  • Municipalities’ water and wastewater departments;
  • Rural water and wastewater departments;
  • Major water consumers in diverse industries across the country;

Investment Partners:

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • Iran Power Transmission, Generation and Distribution Company (TAVANIR);
  • Iran Grid Management Company;
  • Organization For Investment, Economic And Technical Assistance Of Iran (OIETAI);
  • Power Generation Companies Syndicate.